Avengers: Infinity War

Spoiler Warning: Seriously, approach with caution…


Spoiler Warning: I mean it, proceed it at your own risk…


Spoiler Warning: Just in case I wasn’t clear, please do not proceed if you haven’t seen the film. It isn’t the same if you know what is coming, I assure you…


I appreciate I’m incredibly late to the party with this post but, admittedly, I’ve been a little busy lately. However, my primary reason for delaying this reflection is purely because I’m only now beginning to process how I felt about the film as a whole. To say Avengers: Infinity War threw our beloved characters to the wolves only begins to cover the emotional turmoil that devastating click of the fingers had…

It delivered pretty much what I expected. Fast-paced, action-packed, character-filled drama that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was thoroughly entertained and must have pumped my fists 10 times (It got a little over-the-top towards the end, I must confess). I can’t realistically elaborate on every little thing I enjoyed/ didn’t enjoy (I have at least 2 thought pieces planned for the future) but let’s take a general look.

I feel like it would be wrong to not start with what is essentially the central aspect of the film: Thanos. Marvel have managed to turn their villain game round the past couple of movies (Albeit Hela, a criminal waste of Cate Blanchett. Hela really could have done with more of a build-up in previous Thor films, similar to that of Thanos if I’m honest…), killing it with Vulture and Killmonger in particular. Thanos is no exception. If I’m honest, I wasn’t expecting quite such depth and his sub-plot with Gamora was beautifully intense. I intend to look at Thanos on his own in an entirely separate post but I personally felt the wait has paid off enormously.

On the subject of villains, I equally enjoyed seeing the Black Order in action, even though I stand by my opinion that the total wipeout approach has robbed the Marvel Cinematic Universe a chance to feel the true wrath of what I believed were promising villains. Ebony Maw in particular made my hairs stand on end. His entire being was unnerving but the voice actor, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, was the perfect choice. Spine-tingling stuff. I equally feel Proxima Midnight and Corvus Glaive had more potential as a power couple. Here’s hoping they might somehow make a return in future (Where’s that Time stone at?)

Image result for ebony maw shhh
Such a waste! – (Photo Credit: https://marvel.com)

On the heroes side of things, we had one heck of roster to get through which unfortunately gave rise to certain characters being criminally underused. Admittedly, I did mostly enjoy the character arcs that the plot focused on, Team Thor stealing the show till the very end. It was awesome to finally see the majority of Marvel’s characters on screen and the new dynamics were absolutely brilliant. The lion share of this was dedicated to integrating the Guardians of the Galaxy into the wider MCU which both made sense and produced some of the film’s more heartfelt and humorous moments. Again, something I will discuss in greater detail in a separate post.

However, the film did have some flaws. Most notably of those is one that my good friend Michael details perfectly in his own reflection (Most definitely worth a read, I assure you. Click here to read on, he provides a far more succinct and thought-provoking reflection than mine). Avengers: Infinity War highlights how male-dominated the MCU still is. Whilst this has been a problem for a considerable time, it is more notable here with all our heroes together. That’s not to say there aren’t fantastic female characters in the film, one particular scene involving Okoye, Black Widow and Scarlet Witch facing off against Proxima Midnight standing as a highlight of the third act (Along with Okoye’s fantastic judgemental look she throws a clumsy Bruce Banner. A golden moment…), but they felt too few and far between. I was bitterly disappointed by how little time we spent with Shuri, a stand-out character in Black Panther. Sure, she put Banner to shame but that was about it. Here’s hoping she gets more limelight in Avengers 4…

I also feel that the Infinity Gauntlet assembling would have benefitted from being split over two films. Whilst the ending of Infinity War took my heart and stomped on it (Spidey broke me…), the film failed to really reflect the unimaginable power it supposedly gives its wielder. Admittedly, it was always going to be tricky to do it justice but it still felt somewhat rushed. I would have quite happily enjoyed seeing the decimation of half of Xandar, the passing comment and flicker of horror in Star Lord’s face not really cutting the mustard, as well as the attack on the Asgardian Rescue vessel (Happily here meaning that I would have enjoyed the emotional depth it may have added). I appreciate that they were trying to tie the last 10 years up in a nice ribbon but I feel like it would have served the immense depth of the characters they have assembled by breaking the film up. Avengers 4 may offer something along these lines but hey, one can still dream.

On a final note, I just wanted to discuss the soundtrack. My ability to express my appreciation for music is marginally better than my ability to express my appreciation of art (Though I guess music is a form of art) but I must say that it really helped magnify the intensity of certain scenes. The arrival of the Guardians to the tune of the ‘Rubber-Band Man‘ was simply perfect, the karaoke session acting as a pleasant reminder of just how close the lovable family of morons has become. In the same vain, Thor, Rocket and Groot’s touchdown in Wakanda wouldn’t have been half as impressive if not for Forge, the backing music. The link takes you up to point that really resonated with me, harkening back to the time when we first saw the Avengers assembled on the big screen in 2012. It might just be a personal thing but I love it.

Image result for Thor arrives in wakanda image
You guys are so screwed now! – (Photo Credit – Marvel)

Overall, Avengers: Infinity War delivered an intense conclusion to a story that has been building for the best part of 10 years. It definitely had its shortcomings but these will hopefully be addressed in Avengers 4. Let’s just say I’m very worried about Hawkeye’s family…

What were your thoughts on Avengers: Infinity War? Comment below!

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