What Next?

Today has been eventful. Not only have I finished my exams (Yay!) but I’ve also left compulsory education and the institute of education that I have attended for 7 years (Admittedly, the last 2 are temporary depending on what I’ve achieved in terms of results but optimism will prevent me from descending further into the abyss of mental instability). I honestly thought I’d feel more emotional about it all but I suppose until I open that dreaded brown envelope on the 16th of August I can’t be too certain of anything.

Anyway, enough about why I’ve been so darn quiet these past couple of weeks. I now have 98 days  of summer holiday to do with as I please (If I  fail my exams, 78 days, but optimism). Whilst I will undoubtedly be spending a fairly substantial amount of time doing paid work in preparation for the next chapter of my life, I also intend to make up for my extended absence on here. What that involves has yet to be determined but I do know a couple of things I intend to write about.

  • Holidays – I’m in an incredibly fortunate position to be having two holidays over the summer. The first will be with my best friend which will involve a whistle-stop tour of some European countries. I’m not 100% sure what we will actually be doing but I imagine I’ll have at least 1 post per country. The second is a family trip to Sicily. Again, not 100% sure what this will involve but, again, I imagine there will be at least 1 blog post’s worth of content.
  • Physics/ Science – Though it has become seriously neglected, I’m keen to pick up my Life On Mars feature again. I also intend to delve into the physics of Star Wars a little more, though not copiously (I don’t want to ruin a mysticism I enjoy as much as the next fan), because I had great fun with the Cobalt Conundrum post I did for Star Wars day. Particle Zoo should also see some expansion in the coming weeks.
  • Comic Books – I fear that we’ve reached a stage where my commentary on more recent issues has become somewhat redundant. With that in mind, I will most likely shift my focus on to the rather extensive collection of the Star Wars graphic novels that I’ve amassed in the past 6 months. That being said, if you’d like me to review some of the more recent comics (Or older ones, I’ve got a fair few of those too) please let me know. I do intend to have a post reflecting on my time collecting Marvel comics as I take a step back from it for a while as I hopefully embark on life’s next big adventure: Life at University.

With all that considered, I have plenty to keep me busy over the next few weeks. For now, however, I’m going to have a cup of tea and a lie down.


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