Life Update: A Much Needed Adventure

Starting tomorrow, my friend and I are embarking on a trip around Europe for just under 3 weeks. As a result, I may either be more active, moderately active or silent for a while (So little change from normal really) as I’m not 100% how connected we are going to be as we hop from country to country.

We are definitely going to Denmark, The Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. We may also take a day trip to Slovakia and Sweden but that will depend on our mood when we get closer to them.

Regardless of whether or not I post as we are there or after, I do intend to document our journey. Pictures will most likely be reserved for when I’m back at home because I’m not sure how great adding photos via the app will be (I shall experiment).

A relatively short post today but hopefully something to look forward to in the coming weeks. If you have any suggestions on stuff to do in the listed countries, please please please leave them in the comments below! We are pretty much localised to the capital cities of each country.

12 thoughts on “Life Update: A Much Needed Adventure

        1. I fear they may just throw me out. I’m not sure how good the 8 against 2 odds are. My Physical prowess only weakens my standing I fear. It’ll hopefully be a beneficial opportunity to grow into a more well rounded human being.

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  1. How fun! Aaaahh!!! Travel safe and have an incredible time. After all the school work you’ve been buried under for the last year this is a well deserved break. I’m jealous! What a great tour! I’ll be looking forward to hearing all about your adventures (so I can experience them vicariously!) whenever you post about them. Enjoy it!!!

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