Copenhagen: Arrival & Day 1

After a rather entertaining flight involving seatbelt puppets and hyperactive children, we attempted to navigate Copenhagen’s metro system. Thanks to some very helpful citizens we thankfully managed to reach the centre of Copenhagen. We then checked in to our rather fancy hostel, Urban House, which is really close to the central train station. After dumping our bags we went out and explored Copenhagen for a bit.

We spent most of our time in the North West of the city, around St Peter’s church. Ørsteds Parc marked the end of first stint of exploration where we ended up devising our plan for the days we were spending in the city. We then returned to the hostel via the park, providing some great photo opportunities.

Ørsteds Parc

Before catching a screening of Ant-Man and the Wasp at 7, we headed out for dinner. Our quest for food took us to the Meat Packing District, a unique area of town. Whilst we didn’t end up eating here, it was fun to have a brief look around.

We rounded off the evening with our viewing of Ant-Man and the Wasp, a film that isn’t due to be released in the UK till August so we decided to make the most of the earlier Denmark release. I won’t divulge too much on it but I really enjoyed it. The Danish subtitles were an entertaining addition, providing translations for less conventional phrases.

The following day saw an early start so that we could join the free walking tour at 9:30. We had some time to kill so we took our breakfast, a fantastic Danish breakfast loaf (Our name for it) and sat by the water front near the Planetarium. With the sun shining, it was simply sublime.

Our View for Breakfast

The Free walking tour was, as ever, an interesting look at the city. From the introduction of Christianity to it’s rather poor foreign policy, it provided an excellent insight into the history of the city. However, we were a rather large group which made hearing everything a little tricky. That doesn’t detract from the quality of the content but just a heads up if you are looking to take a free tour, smaller groups are probably better.

After our tour, we caught a ferry over to Copenhagen’s Opera House, opposite the Royal Palace. Whilst we didn’t go inside it made for an excellent backdrop to lunch, a meal once again involving an excellent waterside view.

Copenhagen’s Opera House

After lunch we steadily made our way back to the Hostel. Our route took us through Christiana, a quieter part of the city with ties to a certain Class C drug, a particular aspect we didn’t indulge in. We passed the Library, a hybrid of the old library and the Black Diamond, the new library. We didn’t go in but it was an impressive building to marvel at.

The Black Diamond and Copenhagen’s Old Library

We decided to head back a little earlier simply because all the walking had worn us out. After a brief nap, an unexpected occurrence, we made some dinner in the recently discovered kitchen and settled down to watch France VS Belgium (Though admittedly, I spent the first half writing this instead).

Tomorrow we intend to explore the more picturesque part of the city which should be good. If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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