Copenhagen: Day 3

Despite an early start this morning, our checking out meaning we had to get our stuff sorted, we spent most of the morning in our hostel just relaxing. Our waterfront breakfast trend tragically ended today but we shall endeavour to continue. At around 10:30 we set off for one last stint of exploring.

Our travels today took us to Tivoli Gardens, Denmark’s second oldest amusement park. That admittedly played a fairly substantial role in the justification of the rather steep admittance cost. The park itself is fairly good if you fancy a wonder but the entrance fee of 120DKK only gets you in; The rides cost extra (Provided you don’t buy a ride ticket). This wouldn’t have stung quite so much had they not been quite so expensive. However, we decided that we should try at least one ride: The Demon. Though it cost 90DKK, it was rather enjoyable. I would recommend it if you can afford the unlimited pass otherwise there are plenty of other attractions to enjoy at a smaller price.

Tivoli Gardens

The last section of our day mostly involved preparation for our departure the same evening. There was a little confusion with locating our bus but we were able to get on relatively easily. Though not the fastest way to travel it has thus far proven to be a rather enjoyable way to travel (Though admittedly we still have a fairly substantial way to go).

We are due to arrive in Prague fairly early tomorrow morning which should give us some time to explore, provided we aren’t too tired. If you have any thoughts or questions feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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