Vienna: Arrival & Day 1

First things first, our departure from the Czech Republic. We decided right at the start of our trip to use a company called FlixBus, a low budget bus company who take people all across Europe (And the USA, I think). Our first ride was successful, if just a little bit long. The same can not be said for a second journey. Having arrived early, we were ready to board the bus to Vienna. However, not only did it arrive on the other side of the road but, when we crossed over, a huge crowd was stood in front of it, leading us to believe that they too were boarding the bus. They weren’t. A few minutes passed after which the driver got in, turned the engine on and drove off. We attempted to chase it but alas, we were then forced to make other arrangements. Luckily, we were opposite the train station from which we were able to catch a fast, if somewhat pricey, train to Vienna. Not an ideal start to the morning but the ride was enjoyable.

We arrived in Vienna in the early afternoon. It took a little bit of time but we eventually worked out how to get to our hostel, the Chichilli Hostel, on the other side of the city. Upon arrival we were given a tour of the hostel, a converted apartment which is surprisingly spacious. One thing to note is our beds, a triple bunk. Admittedly not that exciting but a relatively unexpected and entertaining sight.

After sorting ourselves out, we grabbed some lunch from the local supermarket and took it to the local park. After lunch, we decided to take a trip to one of the numerous museums in Vienna. On this occasion we headed for the Pathological museum, housed in a former insane asylum.

Unfortunately, it’s only open a few days a week so we couldn’t get in. This became all the more of a problem when the heavens opened and a torrential downpour turned the pavement into a river. We quickly made our way back to the hostel, during which the rain did subside and the sun began to shine. Our shoes were thoroughly soaked, mind you.

Despite missing buses and getting caught in the rain, our arrival in Vienna wasn’t particularly awful and most definitely memorable.

The following day, we got up fairly early, hoping to catch a 9:45 tour. However, a broken down train and missing our stop meant we instead were going to go for the 11:00 tour. This gave us time to enjoy some breakfast in Ressel Park, near Karlsplatz station. We did lose track of the time and had to move quickly to get to the tour on time but we did manage it.

For our tour, we went with Prime Tours. Our tour guide, Katelina, showed us the many fantastic buildings of Vienna, giving us an insight into the cities lengthy history, both as the heart of huge empire and as a small, neutral. It wasn’t my favourite tour but it provided an excellent account of the history of Vienna.

The Hapsburg Palace

After our tour we stopped off for lunch. After lunch, the heavens decided to open again so we quickly bolted for the nearest museum, the Albertina. Luckily for us, visitors 19 and under have free admittance into most of the museums around Vienna so we were able to enjoy the Albertina’s bountiful exhibitions and former state rooms for nothing. Whilst I lack a strong appreciation of art, I still found the experience enjoyable.

A Piece I Particularly Liked (Strange considering our recent experience with rain…)

After the Albertina, we caught a tram to Hermannpark on the Danube Canal. Here you can find a cool canal-side bar/ restaurant made to look like a beach. Whilst the weather wasn’t fantastic, it made for for a great place to unwind and discuss utter nonsense for a few hours. The food was also brilliant and fairly inexpensive to boot. After two hours or so we made our way back to the hostel via the trams, one of which went underground which was fairly exciting. To top it all off, the tram stopped right outside of our hostel (The 37 line, in case you were wondering)

So despite the kerfuffle we had in getting here, our first few days in Vienna have been great. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Vienna: Arrival & Day 1

  1. I’m glad a rocky arrival hasn’t soured your time in Vienna! And, as unbelievably frustrating as those moments are, they often make for the best stories after the fact and they certainly make for wild memories. I’ve loved following you on your holiday! Thanks for the updates and for letting us all take this trip vicariously with you.

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    1. An excellent sentiment my friend, one I will hopefully be able to use if we have any more hiccups on our trip.
      Thanks for the positive response! I’m enjoying writing my account of our trip both as what is basically a diary of our time away and for everyone reading it. Scrolling back through helps put my fortunate position in perspective.

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      1. It will be so great to have these posts once you’re back home too! A few months, a year after the trip or more and you can come back and read all these as-they-happened entries. Like you said, it’s pretty much a travel diary you can share with everyone! That’s great fun too.

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