Vienna: Day 2

Our day started off far more relaxed today. We made our way over to the Museum Quarter for some late breakfast/ early lunch at Ulrich, a place recommended to us by fellow guests in the hostel. I ordered The Full Monty which sufficed to say was amazing. I kind of regret not taking a photo but I’m a firm believer in eating, not snapshotting, one’s food. It had a tomato and pepper sauce (of sorts) base along with some very crispy bacon and two fried eggs. If you can begin to picture that, imagine it tasting about 8x times better.

After breakfast we made our way over to Schonbrunn Palace, a grand building with an enormous park surrounding it.

Schonbrunn Palace

We started our exploration with a walk around the many gardens of the Palace, climbing the substantial hill behind it to get some killer views of the city, a task all the more trying as a result of a week and bit of consistently walking-heavy days (Never skip leg day folks, we most certainly haven’t).

The Killer View

After our “stroll” up the hill we made our way over to Europe’s oldest zoo, also housed in the Palace Gardens. Admittedly, it was a little underwhelming to begin, looking rather run down and sad. However we then discovered the original part of the zoo which made the experience more enjoyable. I’m not the biggest fan of zoos but the old-style enclosures were aesthetically pleasing if somewhat cramped (Though the smallest are thankfully no longer in use). The bat cave, for the lack of a better name, was rather terrifying but equally exhilarating, bats swooping right over your head. Mixed feelings as a whole but worth a visit if you are a fan of zoos.

Wanting to spend a little more time out and about, we decided to give the Palace maze a go (For a small fee). I’ll admit, we, both aged 18, raced to the centre of the maze but I feel like to not race would just be wrong. We then enjoyed some of the interactive displays around it, such as the Archimedes Screw which I had great fun playing with.

The Maze: A Fantastic Source of Childish Fun

After the maze, we caught the U-Bahn back to our hostel and settled down for the evening. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments!

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