A Day at Lake Bled

To spice up the order of things, we decided to spend our first day in Ljubljana away from Ljubljana, at the nearby town of Bled. Here you can find a huge, surprisingly blue body of water known as Lake Bled.

We got up early, partly due to our day trip but also because I wanted to wash my clothes (Something that, I’ll admit, was an exciting prospect). After grabbing some breakfast and boarding a bus to Bled we made the hour or so journey from the capital to the Lake. We were once again treated to fantastic, mountainous views.

Upon arrival, we went to the bank of the lake and stood in awe for a solid 5 minutes. I wasn’t overly familiar with the Lake before our arrival but it was truly a gorgeous sight to behold. The water is a wonderful blue colour and the mountains surrounding it provide an excellent contrast.

Having marvelled at the lake for a little while, we began our journey round, a task made somewhat less daunting by the views. We eventually came to a stop at a public bathing area.

We then spent the majority of our time simply relaxing beside the lake. Though my friend did go a swimming, a considerable distance at that, I was content with dipping my lower legs in the water which in itself was rather brilliant, especially after all the walking we had done over the past week and a bit. I spent a considerable of time reading A Game of Thrones, a book made somewhat more enjoyable by the dynamic backdrop.

We were also greeted by a number of incredibly adorable ducklings who walked within centimetres of our stuff.

A Welcome Suprise

We eventually made our way back to Bled, washed out by yet more rain which, though mildly irritating, provided enjoyable views in itself. Bled reminded me a fair bit of Niagara Falls with all its casinos and hotels but it also had a rather entertaining little festival going on. Though we only really caught a glimpse of it, the glimpse involved a number of brass bands on boats. An entertaining sight, to be sure.

A Dramatic Change in the Weather. I got some serious Takodana vibes from the lake, the image of X-wings flying across the lake proving most entertaining

After some dinner, we then caught the bus back to Ljubljana. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

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