A Weekend in Ljubljana

After our day trip to Lake Bled the day before, we set off to explore Ljubljana, our base of  operations for the weekend. We started off our stay with a customary “free” walking tour.

We went with the Ljubljana Free Tour company who proved to be an excellent choice. Our tour guide, Ina, lead us through the city, one which I knew next to nothing about. I was pleasantly surprised with its focus on culture over glory, honouring poets over warriors. I had great fun learning about the city’s rich history, under the rule of numerous empires and dictatorships. The architectural boom it underwent during WW2 was unexpected and fascinating to hear about.

The Red Church: I’m not colour blind, it has simply been weathered pink

After the tour had concluded, we spent a fair amount of time in Congress Park, reading our books and enjoying the sunshine. However, the latter was short lived as the rain that had troubled us before struck once again. However, considering the park’s relation to Tito’s infamous, “storm-causing” speech, the liquid sunshine wasn’t as irritating as before. We then proceeded to wander around the city for a little while, slowly making our way back to our hostel (Hostel Tabor, definitely worth a visit. Our room was huge and it only had 3 beds in plus some desks. The washing machine was also a welcome sight).

We started Sunday up at Ljubljana Castle. Though I appreciate the defensive benefits of such a placement, the walk up the hill was definitely felt (There is a vernicular train if you aren’t feeling the walk, the station sitting in the lower levels of the castle which are awesome). We spent a fairly substantial amount of time just wandering around, exploring the different levels and rooms of the castle. I particularly enjoyed their comic strip exhibition dedicated to an artist whose name escapes me. The video gave a fantastic insight into a process that I’ve only ever enjoyed the results of.

Ljubljana Castle: A bit cleaner than it probably was back in the day

After wandering around the castle we made our way to Tivoli Park (Just a standard, free-to-enter park, no rollercoasters) where we once again spent a fair amount of time reading our books and enjoying the sunshine. However, we were once again rained on with a genuinely near-deafening storm. My friend had gone off for a bicycle ride before the storm hit and was rather soggy by the time he reached me in my refuge under a footbridge. It was a glorious sight if only mildly terrifying at times. We took refuge in a cafe for a few hours, enjoying relatively inexpensive drinks and a great many card games.

After spending of couple of hours in the cafe, we made our way back to the hostel to collect our bags and head on over to the bus station to catch a bus at 23:55 at night (Which sounds worse than it actually was, we were able to spend a fairly substantial time in a McDonalds right next to the bus stop). We managed to get on the bus, something that may have panned out differently had my friend not checked all the buses waiting at the stop. The bus ride to Split was rather uneventful except for a little bit of confusion at the border.

Our stay in Ljubljana was less touristy than our previous stops but that was because it felt like the sort of city that one could just stop and relax for a little bit, it’s wonderful green spaces providing excellent, if somewhat wet, places to just stop. If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

My apologies for the silence over the past week or so. Connection in Split wasn’t brilliant and my return home was almost immediately followed by a return to work. I was also really tired and in no mood to blog (Factors that played the biggest role in my silence, I won’t lie). I have one more travel post to write up with a possible summary post to follow. I’m also working on a new Physics post so watch this space!

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