Split: Sea, Stones and Sunburn

Our first day in Split was somewhat similar to our first day in Prague in the sense that we  arrived fairly early in the morning. That being said, we were somewhat more accustomed to mild sleep deprivation which enabled us to at least attempt some exploration of Split, our residence for the remaining few days of our trip.

After dumping our bags at the hostel, we set off in the direction of the popular beaches, aiming to get a grasp of what was on offer. Though the rain may have somewhat distorted my perception of what we found, the concrete blocks weren’t exactly awe-inspiring. We pressed on, finding similar sites all along the coast line. I imagine, with the sun beaming in the sky, they would look more appealing but we never went back to find out. We eventually settled down in a cafe for a while where we played some card games.

After a few hours of relaxing, we headed back to the hostel to check in. We were staying at the Hostel Split, an establishment that is a mere 5 minute walk from Split’s Bus Station and port yet nicely tucked away from the Main Street allowing for a quiet night’s sleep (At least, where the other residences aren’t involved). We sorted ourselves out and relaxed for a little longer before heading out to explore what were described as the quieter, less commercial beaches.

With the sun shining, we made our way over to the beaches. If you are hoping to visit said beaches, ensure you have both the energy and appropriate footwear for a fairly substantial walk. After 20 to 30 minutes of walking we eventually made it to a fairly small outcrop of rocks that led directly into the sea. We then spent a brief spell enjoying the rather chilly but gorgeously blue water. Though we were once again faced with stormy weather, we were able to enjoy a bit of time in the sea.

Once the storm clouds rolled in, we steadily made our way back to the hostel, picking up some dinner on the way before settling down for the evening back at the hostel.

Our second day in Split was spent primarily beside the ocean. We once again made the trek over to the quieter beaches, the sun shining in all its glory (Thank heavens). We started off on the rocks we had found the day before but struggled to find a comfortable place to sit. The great weather had naturally brought more people out to the coast meaning that we had to move along to the larger beach a small distance away to find somewhere to put our stuff. If you are intending on taking a trip to Split’s beaches, please ensure you have both sturdy footwear and easy slip-on shoes. Whilst pleasant enough, the more natural beaches in Split are covered in painfully sharp stones that made getting in and out of the water a touch challenging. However, the water was once again glorious, perfect after a fairly intensive walking holiday. I can’t really complain about my sunburn as it was self-inflicted due to a lack of appropriate protection, my back sharing a shade of red similar to that of a lobster’s shell.

The Rocky Outcrop: The water was really deep but super clear (According to my more daring friend who swam out a great deal further than I dared)

After spending most of the day at the beach, we attempted to catch an outdoor screening of Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again. We managed to get to the front of the queue only to be told that the screening was sold out. Though we did admittedly stick out like a sore thumb amongst the demographic present, it was rather disappointing. That being said, we did have some fun playing more card games (A reoccurring theme, I know, but it was an incredibly enjoyable past time).

Our final day in Split involved a bit of tourism. The hostel was effectively parallel to the Diocletian Palace, one of Split’s big things to see. We had already spent a fair bit of time wandering around the Palace, effectively a large complex of shops and restaurants set in an ancient Roman Palace, our go-to supermarket being one such shop (Spar, if you are interested. Though the smell could be a little overpowering, it maintained some of the architectural features of the Palace which made for a rather aesthetic shopping experience). We set out hoping to find the Cellars of the Palace, a filming location of Game of Thrones. We eventually found them and spent around 40 minutes wandering around. I haven’t seen the TV show so it was somewhat lost on me but it was still great to have a look around for a relatively inexpensive entrance fee.

The Diocletian Cellars: A fantastic look at a bit of Roman Architecture

After paying a visit to the Cellars we made our way over to Strossmayera Park where we spent the afternoon lounging in the sun reading our books. An excellent conclusion to our 18 day tour of Europe to say the least.

That concludes my account of my adventure around Europe with my best friend. A summary post may follow this eventually but for now I intend to finally shift my focus back to Comic Books, Star Wars and Physics (What more could a boy ask for?). To provide at least some sort of closure on the matter, I think my trip had a rather profound impact on my outlook on life. Whilst there was minimal self-discovery, I’ve come to realise there is a whole lot of world out there to explore. I can only hope I’m fortunate enough to see as much as I can in my lifetime…

With Results Day mere days away, I’m going to try and be more active in an attempt to distract myself from the feeling of being in the path of Juggernaut (A decidedly mixed state of being as Deadpool 2 had a rather entertaining song involving said character. It is definitely weighted more in the dread aspect but there is a dash of amusement thrown in for good measure). 

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