The Amazing Spider-Man: See Ya Round, Pal…

Warning: I will be spoiling the issues pictured above (#801 and #802 (LGY numbering)), the former more so simply because I loved the sentiment.

Upon finishing The Amazing Spider-man #801, I was left with a profound feeling of emptiness. Following the incredible finale of “Go Down Swinging”, I was excited to see how Slott could top such an emotionally-rivetting centennial issue. Though this is driven from my personal connection to the character, I think the Amazing Spider-man #801 is one of my favourite comics of all time.

Its contents? A fairly run of the mill story about Spider-Man foiling a robbery. However, instead of seeing it from the perspective of our good friend Peter Parker, we see the events through the eyes of one Kenneth Kincaid, an everyman in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thankfully, good ol’ Spider-man is on hand to save the day allowing Kenneth  to enjoy the rest of his life. The true impact of Spider-man’s actions that day are only revealed towards the end of the issue with a wonderful exchange between Kenneth and his niece a few years later.

His niece is disappointed that her first real-life experience with a superhero is Spider-man, wishing for for someone more powerful like Captain Marvel or Black Panther, heroes who save the world on a regular basis. Kenneth delivers a response which reminded me just how profound an impact this title has had on my life since I picked it up over 2 years ago. Spider-man may not be as powerful as those who have followed him but he still manages to save a world everyday, worlds in the forms of people’s mothers, fathers, siblings, friends and more.

Though I’m by no means the first person to have drawn such a conclusion, it acts as a wonderful reminder that all it takes are small acts of kindness to save a world. At a time in my life where I feel somewhat directionless on this great raging ocean we call life, it offers me something to strive for. Slott has utilised Peter’s ideals perfectly in his delivery of such a message, once again reminding me just how brilliant a run he has had and the impact it has had on my life these past few years. (That all sounds super cheesy, I know, but I’m going to stand by it anyway because honesty is the best policy)

Now admittedly, I did somewhat undermine the finality of this truthfully heart-wrenching farewell by picking up #802, Nick Spencer’s first issue on what I hope will be a long and successful run character (Which I will inevitably end up following in trades I suspect). Spencer is one of my all time favourite writers, as you are probably aware, something that made my departure from the character particularly tricky. I was supporting a local business in the process which I like to thing comes part of the way in justifying my weak-willed nature.

However, if I’m being honest, I can’t in good faith say that I really enjoyed the issue. Whilst Spencer honours what Dan Slott has done for the past 10 years, he effectively strips Peter back to near rock bottom. In his defence, considering how long Slott had been writing the character it is understandable that Spencer would want to establish a clean slate to craft his own take on the character. The stuff Spencer has teased looks exciting and I’m sure he will do brilliant things, I’m just not sure I’m ready to say farewell to the past 3 years of storytelling that have really tested Pete’s resolve.

That being said, it does mean that this latest reboot of the title is an excellent time to get involved with the world of Spider-man. Whilst I was able to enjoy Slott’s run immensely, I do feel like I’ve missed out on a fairly extensive chunk of his work which did crop up every so often. This fresh start, as this most recent reboot was aptly named, appears to be an excellent time to get involved with this cornerstone of the Marvel Universe.

If you have any thoughts or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below!

I find myself in a position where yet again I’m having to apologise for a decidedly extended absence from the site. I’m off to university on Saturday, a prospect that has left me in a perpetual state of nervous excitement (An emotional cocktail that has been… Interesting to stomach). I’m not entirely sure what to expect hence I’m not going to commit to any intense blogging schedules at present. Thank you for your patience.

2 thoughts on “The Amazing Spider-Man: See Ya Round, Pal…

  1. You know I’m a major Spider-Man lover, just like you, but I think this totally makes sense. Sometimes we need to step away from a character we love, just for our own reasons. And when you have had the experience of an author who so intimately and so powerfully shapes your view of a character as Dan Slott did with Spider-Man for you, it can be jarring when they leave. Like you said, maybe you’ll come to Nick Spencer’s run later in the trades. Maybe you’ll stay away from Spidey for years. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter and I don’t think the point is your relation with Spencer’s Spider-Man either. Rather this is anchored in your love of Dan Slott’s Spider-Man who will always be the foundation of how you see him. That’s a special bond and a very beautiful thing!

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