Life Update: I’m Still Standing

2 weeks ago today I was hiding in my new room, anxious for what the next few hours, let alone days, had in store. Thankfully, I’ve somehow managed to stumble my way through Fresher’s and my first academic week feeling just a little a bit exhausted.

As someone who doesn’t drink, Fresher’s week was a fairly quiet affair. I spent a great deal of time exploring my new surroundings, a delightful experience even with the numerous hills I was required to climb in the process (#Don’tSkipLegDay). I decided that it was good idea to scout out my local comic book shops (An incredibly exciting, if somewhat dangerous, prospect, especially considering my closet one is a mere five minute walk away) where I made a few unexpectedly exciting purchases, pictured above (Gotta support local business (At least, that’s what I keep telling myself)). I didn’t do a great deal in the evenings but I did decide to attend some TedxTalks that the Student Union were running, most of which were highly enjoyable (One was a bit of a humble brag but to be fair he had been super busy in his local community).

My subject welcome talk was far more enjoyable than I had anticipated, easing some of my rather… Intense anxieties. The Fresher’s fair was definitely not something I should have done alone, feeling somewhat overwhelmed by it all. That being said, it was interesting to see just how much extra-curricular the Uni has to offer (Provided I find a way to make time for any of it…) and free pizza is always a good thing.

My first academic week was fairly packed and, for the most part, highly engaging. We’ve jumped straight in to Special Relativity with one lecturer which is going to take some time for me to fully wrap my head around. The work load is both extensive and challenging, a prospect that I’m weirdly looking forward.

On top of all that come the adult responsibilities of trying to physically survive which I like to think I’m adapting to but sometimes it can rather stressful. Independence is something I’m finding really enjoyable, cooking in particular (Though it takes what feels like an age to complete).

Overall, it’s been fun. There have definitely been times where I’ve seriously questioned my life choices but there’s always something that reminds that everything will be okay (That thing often being the nonsense discussed in my shared kitchen).

With regards to blogging, I’m not in a position to fully commit myself to anything particularly regular just yet. I’m going to attempt to draw up a schedule where I can work out when I have time to do less serious stuff and see how that goes. Thank you for your patience.

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