Stan Lee: Thank You

First off, I need to apologise. I appreciate how late this post is and I imagine few want to relive the pain of Stan’s passing but I have to write something as I feel like I can’t write anything else until I do. That’s not to say that is a chore, far from it. It’s more a means of personal acceptance of how his passing has affected me.

What I’m about to say is far from unique. Stan’s work has touched the lives of millions, perhaps even billions, offering them heroes with whom they can relate to and root for. However, I still feel the need to acknowledge just how much of an impact the man has had on my life.

I became a true Marvel Fan after my first viewing of Iron Man 3 in May 2013. From there, I’ve witnessed the MCU arguably dominate the market, setting a high bench mark for those hoping to build their own cinematic universe. I’ve also been privileged to follow the comic book adventures of some of my favourite heroes. I’ve been on countless adventures all from the comfort of my home and I have Stan, one of the fathers of this glorious universe, to thank for it.

However, as fun as the adventures were, they weren’t the main reason I kept coming back every month. It was the emotional connection I had with the characters I followed. Whilst I come from a immensely supportive household, Stan’s Universe offered me a sanctuary from the stresses of reality and a group of characters I happily refer to as a second family. More often than not, I found the inspiration I was looking for in the 32-page issues I read every month.

With all that in mind, I was shocked with my initial reaction to the news. I felt nothing. No Anger, No Despair. Nothing. Numb, almost. But, as is often the case with this sort of news, when I actually sat down and processed what had happened, I started to cry and I’m far from ashamed to admit it. I’m finding it difficult to truly express just how significant an impact Stan and his universe have had on my life. In that respect, I think the tears honestly signify how much he meant to me in a way words cannot truly express.

I weirdly found comfort in the words of Tony Stark. Part of the Journey is the End and whilst Stan has departed this mortal plane, his legacy will live on for decades, perhaps centuries. Thank you Stan, for proving one person really can make a difference.

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