The MCU and Disney+: Bridging the Gaps

(Quick Note: Once again, I don’t own the featured image, I just thought it was pretty cool. The characters and logo are property of Marvel and Disney)

Alongside a rather fantastic slate of movies, Marvel officially announced their line of television series coming to Disney+ over the next couple of years. Support characters are getting promoted as we follow the likes of Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, Falcon and more on their own adventures and its safe to say I’m rather excited.

My relationship with Marvel Television is rather limited, extending as far as half a season of Daredevil and around 4.4 seasons of Agents of Shield. My previous lack of access to Netflix naturally meant I was unable to watch the likes of Daredevil and Jessica Jone. Despite now having access, I must admit that, as with Agents of Shield (Which I adored but have unfortunately drifted away from simply due to not really having a platform to watch it whilst I was at uni (That and the opening of arc of season 5 wasn’t really my cup of tea)), they appear to be drifting into irrelevancy with the focus shifting to the new platform. I could be wrong but it doesn’t really help motivate one to tackle an already daunting backlog of series. With that in mind, I was excited to hear what Marvel were going to produce for Disney+, the prospect of big screen heroes starring piquing my interest even further.

It’s safe to say the line up is pretty much a consistent home run of projects. As with the movies, I’m going to discuss them in increasing order of interest. Let’s get into it!

Spoiler Warning: This probably sounds a bit weird but if you weren’t too keen on hearing a lot of details about the upcoming series then approach with caution. It more concerns other stuff I’ve heard during endless hours of social media scrolling. I’ll also be discussing some stuff from Endgame and Far From Home which I appreciate some may not have seen yet.

Loki: His presence at the bottom of my list doesn’t by any means mean I’m not excited for the series, I’ve just become rather fatigued with the character. I also appreciate why the title card’s text looks like that but it isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing arrangement of letters… (Photo Credit –

I must admit that I approach this with some biased against the character. It stems primarily from a personal feeling that I think he’s had a lot of screen-time to develop at the expense of other, more villainous characters being wiped out (Though this trend is thankfully beginning to die (Though Killmonger felt like a bit of waste)). That being said, a line from Thor: Ragnarok did kind of stick in my head. It was during the escape scene where Thor effectively states that Loki has become predictable, showing little growth, which honestly sparked a weirdly keen interest in this series.

I’m not sure how the series is going to work entirely but my understanding is that we will be following Loki on a series of adventures across human history which honestly sounds like a whole lot of fun. My thought process leads me to believe that it would be pre-Thor but it could also develop on the escape of Loki during the Time Heist in Endgame. I suspect we’ll have a clearer picture in the near future but regardless of timescale, the mere concept sounds rather entertaining. I can definitely see them folding in questions concerning his true lineage if it’s pre-Thor. Heck, it would be fun to see him connect with his roots but we shall see.

WandaVision: I’ll be honest, their relationship is one I find a little confusing. That being said, they are both incredibly powerful beings with strong ties to the Infinity Stones so it’ll be fun to see them working in relative isolation (Photo Credit –

WandaVision (A name I’m not super fond of but eh, a show is more than its name) was a project that I initially wasn’t particularly enthused for. Don’t get me wrong, they are both fab characters I just find their relationship a little weird. That being said, Endgame helped frame it with a great deal more authenticity, at least from my perspective, so I’m curious to see its development. I’ve also heard rumours of Visions resurrection which I honestly hope means we’ll get a far colder version of Vision, a more emotionless, grey synthezoid who needs to be taught how to be human again. When I write it out it sounds a little cheesy but I think the context is intriguing enough for it to be engaging.

Monica Rambeau is also set to star which will be fun, introducing further intrigue regarding the series. It opens the door to some organic interactions with Captain Marvel who I’m more than happy to see more of. Captain Marvel had a pretty brilliant dynamic with the Avengers so I’m really keen to see her further integrated into the universe.

Its ties to the Doctor Strange sequel also opens some rather intriguing doors regarding the likes of resurrected Vision. An alternative could be that a Vision from a different Earth is brought to Earth-616 which could be really fun. As I mentioned in my last post, there is a whole host of possibilities with that particular film and I’m excited by the prospect of it tying into the film. I get the feeling Scarlet Witch’s powers are going to grow and grow over the next few years which could bring with it some rather dangerous consequences if the comics are anything to go by. Time will well on that front…

What if…?: I’m looking forward to this particular feature due to the oasis it will be offer in terms of its comparative isolation from the rest of the MCU. It’s also a great platform to explore some really outlandish ideas (Photo Credit –

First up, I’m loving the fact that the Watcher will be a focal point for the series. The push on multiverse related content definitely indicates that things are going to get pretty wild but at least in this instance it won’t feel as consequential. Whilst I haven’t read many “What if?” comics I’m curious to see what they develop and what alternate routes from the plots of Marvel films. The star-studded cast is also fantastic, maintaining a degree of continuity on what will likely be a rather wild ride.

I’m also fully on-board with it being an animated feature, having just finished the highly enjoyable Star Wars The Clone Wars and Rebels series. Live-action is fun but it will help mix things up and allows for even crazier visuals from what we’ve seen on the big screen. A lot alternative potential which I’m excited to see unfold.

Hawkeye: Endgame demonstrated that Hawkeye has a lot of potential as the focus of a project. Again, depending on the time frame, this could shine a lot of light on his time as Ronin which I’m keen to see (Photo Credit –

This particular project is one that could easily be my favourite depending on whether my speculation reaps any kind of reward. Judging by the logo design, the series appears to be set to draw from Matt Fraction’s run on the character which is one of my all time favourite series. It won’t be an exact adaption simply because Hawkeye has a family which wildly contrasts with his position in the comic book but still, even if we just get Lucky I’ll be happy.

The introduction of Kate Bishop is naturally a major cause for celebration because I love her as a character. It also opens the door for more Young Avengers being introduced (Which could also mean Kamala Khan which is an absolute win (Saying that, she might be introduced in Captain Marvel 2 which would be good. There is definitely something Kree-related on the horizon, perhaps a Terrigen Mist/ Secret Invasion mash-up? (The Secret Invasion bit refers to a throwaway comment made by Fury concerning Kree Sleeper Agents on Earth, an interesting prospect to be sure))). I’m not entirely sure how she’ll factor in to the Barton Household dynamic, if she does at all, but I can imagine it being a lot of fun.

Regarding villains, I’m not entirely sure who they’re going to pit the Hawkeyes against just yet but they may bring Taskmaster over from Black Widow. Hammerhead and Madame Masque could be fun or even the gangs that Ronin ran into on his murder rampage (That’s the term I was looking for).

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier: Excitement Levels at 110% (Photo Credit –

Of all the series that have been announced, Falcon and the Winter Soldier is definitely my most eagerly anticipated one. My entrance into the world of comic books was at a time where Sam was wielding the shield therefore I was over the moon when Steve handed it to him. I can appreciate why some would have preferred Bucky to get the shield but in the context of the MCU, his past is a little too checkered to wield it in my opinion. That and Sam really needs some time in the spotlight.

To make the prospect all the more exciting, they are bringing back Daniel Bruhl as Baron Zemo which is beyond enthralling. I didn’t follow Sam’s solo antics but I knew he was getting rather tangled up with Hydra so Baron Zemo’s return opens some doors to a new iteration of the organisation. Zemo was also a rather fascinating character, orchestrating the disassembling of the Avengers, who I’m glad is getting a bit more time to grow. I’ve also realised there is a very real chance the Winter Soldier could experience a bit of a wobble in terms of allegiances, beyond his control obviously. It could make for an interesting season finale if Sam is forced to fight Bucky and free him of Zemo’s control. On a final, less serious note, he’s also getting his mask which is nothing short of fantastic !

It’ll be interesting to see Sam and Bucky interact without Steve around. It’s definitely going to be an entertainingly tense relationship but I entirely suspect them to grow to be friends.

Whilst it isn’t alone in this, the show should also have the opportunity to make some insightful commentary on society, as Nick Spencer masterfully did with Sam in the comics. I suspect they’ll lean more into politics because it is all rather wild at the moment but I suspect it is going to have some powerful stuff to say. Sam coming to terms with being Captain America is another aspect I’m also really excited for, particularly the challenges he may have to overcome.

I’m admittedly not particularly brilliant at keeping up with television series (Though in this day and age, and I’m not sure anyone truly is). That being said, I’m really excited for this first slate offered up by Marvel, offering some great support characters their time in the spotlight. Marvel have also mercifully spread them out so I stand at least a chance of finishing one before the next starts up.

The only real draw back I can think of is that things could become a little over-saturated with all the TV shows and films coming out in the space of 3 years but I think there is enough diversity to keep things fresh and exciting. To be honest, we are positively spoilt for choice and I really appreciate the sheer breadth of content Marvel are offering us. Roll on 2020!

That effectively concludes my currents thoughts on Phase 4. I must admit it was rather therapeutic to just unload about something I love. I have a couple of other posts in the pipeline, one concerning a trip up to London this weekend and another about Norse Mythology so stay tuned!

What are you thoughts on Marvel’s new TV projects? Let me know in the comments!

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