About me

Greetings Reader,

You have somehow stumbled upon my humble blog whilst inevitably attempting to search for funny cat videos. I apologise for there are no funny cat videos.  If you aren’t interested in reading the written word of a teenage boy then you had best be on your way and resume your search (I’m even going to help you: Cat playing a piano).

For those brave enough to stay I, High lord of the Space turtles, welcome you to Leave before it’s too late. Prepare yourself for seemingly endless reviews of comic books, commentary on the latest teasers released by Marvel or Lego and general waffle about whatever I feel like discussing. If Lego and comics are your cup of tea then you and I shall get along spiffingly.

So buckle up, summon a magical feline friend and join me on an adventure of mild humour, excitement and the occasional heartfelt moment!