Timely Comics – Invincible Iron Man

Iron Man, for me, is the reason I really started collecting comics. My Marvel fandom kicked off after I went to see Iron Man 3 back in 2013. My first comic was, coincidentally, an issue of Iron Man. For a  time, he was one of my favourite heroes (I found him to be more grounded than the likes of the Incredible Hulk and the Mighty Thor which was appealing to me) and he still stands in my top 10 (Though that changes every few days so who knows). I wasn’t overly drawn to this series because my love for Iron Man has declined over the years  and the whole Civil War thing (The comic not the film (Although the film was superb)) left me feeling more unsympathetic to his side (#TeamCap4Life (#ActuallyTeamSpidey (I don’t even know if I’m “hash tagging” correctly but I don’t care))). I do like Brian Michael Bendis, the writer of this book, but it wasn’t enough of a pull for me to start reading it. Despite this, I decided to give it a go with this Timely Comic (I also picked up issue 1 rather cheaply (Action Figure variant cover (I’ve decided I really don’t like them (Though his new armour would make an awesome action figure)) and was curious).

The first 3 issues of this title see Tony Stark recognising the need for personal change in a world which is snapping at heels technology wise (With a reference to Riri Williams being made in the first few panels (See here for more on Williams: Marvel NOW! (2016): Invincible Iron Man). With a new suit and a fresh outlook on life, Stark steps away from his playboy lifestyle to something more sincere and calm (A nice change). This calm approach is cut short when he is called out to Latveria after Madame Masque steals an important object from the former residence of Doctor Doom. Upon arrival, Iron Man is confronted by armed rebels who are quickly taken down by none other than Victor Von Doom or, as he is better known, Doctor Doom (A lot to take in in just one issue, I know). The following issues then sees Iron Man pursue Madame Masque in order to retrieve the mystical object that she has stolen. All-in-all, a rather good opening for the title in my opinion.

I found this title’s opening issues a bit more enjoyable than those of Daredevil, mostly because it was a little more upbeat and I love Marquez’s art (Bendis and Marquez are part of the team doing Civil War II which makes it even more enjoyable for me). The new suit for a start is simply wonderful, the sleeker, unique design making this costume extra special for me. The plot is definitely interesting thus far, particularly the whole Doctor-Doom-no-longer-evil thing (I knew about this already but it is still rather intriguing).

Overall, the first 3 issues of Iron Man were more enjoyable than I anticipated. I would have liked to have seen where it was headed but the series is now rather far along so the chances of me finding all the back issues at a reasonable price are very slim (I think #11 alone is going for £9 which is still baffling). If you have any thoughts or questions about the series please leave them in the comments.

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